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The pace of digital innovation has never been faster, impacting everything from business models, to recruiting and customer service. We'll help you leverage the latest technology using our prescriptive methodology...

Digital is the New Normal

The Pandemic Accelerated the Pace of Adoption

Digital is the new normal for customer experience, employee engagement, optimizing operations, talent development and is at the core of corporate strategy. McKinsey found that the pandemic accelerated digital transformation initiatives by several years, so if you haven't been sprinting, you're likely already behind.

And if you're concerned about the economy, know that your best opportunities to innovate, pivot or capitalize on opportunities will come from your technology endowment: those people in your corner who actually know how the technology works and can apply it creatively to solve problems.

Choosing the right strategic partner in the enterprise digital journey saves valuable time and resources, and provides an edge by getting it right the first time.


Our Proven Digital Framework

To ensure a quicker time-to-value, our model uses a progressive step-up approach



The first phase of implementation is to incrementally build out your core functional solution, using best practices as a starting point. This ensures we nail your immediate objectives, while establishing a foundation to build on.



With your core systems in place, the next step is to increase platform utilization and integrate critical systems to drive user adoption, boost ROI, and begin connecting everything to improve efficiency and analytics.



In the final phase, your Digital Transformation is taken enterprise-wide, seamlessly connecting systems and apps to maximize ROI and enable continuous process optimization.

The Power of Digital 

We'll help you reimagine your business to improve your culture, process, and customer experience in light of the Digital Age.

Empower Your Employees

Want to attract and retain elite talent? Digital transformation is about innovation and the best want to work where the action is.

Engage Your Customers

Optimize the customer experience with more personalization to enable better decision-making and game-changing efficiencies.

Optimize & Automate Operations

Don't simply digitize your current processes — reengineer them based on what technology has made possible.

Revolutionize Your Business Model

You'll discover entirely new ways to deliver value to your customers, creating new opportunities to drive revenue.

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Our Digital Capabilities

Solugenix Digital delivers large enterprise execution capabilities with an agility of digital native disruptors, making us the chosen digital partner for our clients’ transformation journeys. 

Automation Technologies

Eliminate errors and routine tasks by automating virtually any task that follows business rules.
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As an Elite Partner with top-1% Customer Satisfaction Scores, we ensure successful implementations.
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Enterprise Technology Strategy

We don't just take orders — we provide the technology leadership you need to develop a smart plan.

Customer Experience

We have deep expertise managing customer service operations and can help you achieve elite service levels.

Digitizing Processes

We won't simply digitize your offline processes, we'll help find new ways to take advantage of digital technology.

Data Science & Analytics

You don't need more metrics, you need more insights. We turn data into intelligence you can confidently act on.

Cloud & Technology Architecture

We'll ensure all your technology can pool data and leverage cloud resources, including predictive analytics and RPA.

Enterprise Rollout & Adoption Support

Developing solutions is just the first step — all the value comes from adoption and utilization.

Advisory Services

Need help overcoming a challenge? We can help you find new ways to solve it creatively with new technologies.

Middleware & Integration Services

Sometimes your data sets can only be connected the hard way. Don't worry, we've got the right engineers for that.

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"Solugenix is a strategic partner of choice for everything we do in the digital space…"

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Large Insurance Brokerage

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