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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Reduce your total costs, improve service delivery & protect your proprietary business processes by setting up an offshore office for activities that fall under the realm of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO).

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Establish and Grow Your Offshore Operations

Accelerate Your Expansion with Build-Operate-Transfer

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is a comprehensive partnership approach that allows you to establish an offshore team during the 'build' phase and test their abilities during the 'operate' phase. Once the team has adapted to your company's processes, tools, and methodologies, you can assume complete or partial control of the team during the 'transfer' phase.

With the BOT model, you can try before committing, meaning you don't have to make significant investments in your offshore unit until you're confident in its value. This approach offers a low-risk and cost-effective strategy for establishing an offshore team and gaining a competitive advantage.

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Leverage Our Expertise for a Seamless Transition

Maximize Your Offshore Success

Our established presence across global locations enables us to align your strategy with talent availability. Our “Follow The Sun “ global network helps us to start & rapidly build teams at new locations.

We can help you scale operations & adapt to local regulations & customs. This can help you expand your operations offshore more efficiently, reducing the risk of failure & facilitating a smoother transition into new markets. Overall, we can help you overcome a range of challenges and achieve greater efficiency and performance.

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The Benefits of BOT Services

When your goal is to get the job done right the first time, on-budget & on-schedule, choose a partner with decades of mature processes & practices...

Scale Efficiently

Gain access to a diverse talent pool, faster product/service delivery & steady growth of offshore operations. By leveraging a varied skill set, businesses can deliver value more quickly & stabilize offshore operations, leading to long-term success.

Fast-Track Implementation

Our job is to insulate you from operational & administrative issues, giving you back the bandwidth to focus on your business roadmap. Partnering with an experienced vendor can reduce errors & delays, freeing up resources for long-term goals.

Minimize Costs, Maximize Value

Build an offshore organization with minimal CapEx investment & maximize asset valuation by optimizing resource use. Avoid significant upfront investments & achieve cost savings through careful planning & efficient resource allocation.

Streamline Operations

With round-the-clock development & support services, additional sites for risk mitigation & disaster recovery planning, & knowledge sharing practices, you can accelerate project timelines, improve business resilience, & maximize workforce efficiency.

Scope of Services

Based on years of experience helping US-based organizations leverage India-based teams, Solugenix has developed a structured approach for implementing BOT engagements...


Client-Specific Services

Addressing your specific business needs is crucial to success in your competitive environment. We'll match policies to your specific requirements, incorporate branding into merchandise & other materials, & address custom training needs. By tailoring our services to your unique needs, you'll gain a competitive advantage & better meet the needs of your own clients.

General Management Services

General Management Services cover a range of functions critical to a business's success. This includes talent acquisition, admin support, global IT infrastructure, procurement & vendor management, finance & accounting management, statutory filings, regulatory & compliance, & travel & logistics.
Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management Services

Human Capital Management Services are critical to ensuring you have the talent & support necessary to achieve your goals. This includes managing onboarding, employee engagement, compensation & benefits administration, performance reviews, grievances, retention, learning & development, & separation processes.

Facility & Infrastructure Services

We'll ensure you have the necessary infrastructure to support operations. This includes the procurement, installation, & maintenance of office space, network & connectivity, utilities, housekeeping, & 24x7 security. This can lead to increased efficiency, cost savings, & improved compliance with regulations. With expert management, you can ensure your facilities are safe, secure, & provide a productive work environment for employees.

Transfer Options

We have the flexibility to customize our transfer approach to your needs. We can fully manage your team, transfer it completely, or anywhere in between!

Transfer Infrastructure & Ownership

As your team grows, you may find it more economical to have your own office & infrastructure, while maintaining our management service.
  • Legal entity formation
  • We provide General Management
  • You take over Infrastructure Management

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Transfer Infrastructure, Ownership & Management

If your office size exceeds 75 employees, you may want to choose our larger office model and elect to hire your own general management team to oversee all operations.
  • Legal entity formation
  • You take over Infrastructure Management​ & General Management, including statutory compliance
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Projected Timeline

Our process maturity, size & experience enables us to set up quickly & transfer ownership with stable operations in one year...

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Includes the execution of contracts, establishing requirements, identifying and allocating the GM team, determining facility needs, modeling staffing needs, creating recruitment strategies, defining HR policies & establishing a governance model.
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Months 1 to 3


The build phase involves setting up infrastructure (servers, network, hardware), assigning office space, procuring hardware and software, configuring the system, establishing HR policies, kicking off recruitment, creating standard operating processes & setting up governance structures.

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Months 1-12+


The operate phase includes onboarding the initial employee & project management team, kicking off delivery, ensuring stable staffing capacity & overseeing all general & facility management services.

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Month 12+


The transfer phase involves setting up a legal entity for the client, identifying the transition team, forming a transition plan, kicking off the transition & aligning roles, holding handover meetings, conducting documentation & joint reviews, re-badging employees, providing shadow support & offering ad hoc support as needed.

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